Why do I DAO?

Ernest Of Gaia
2 min readDec 15, 2021

For me, ErnestOfGaia.crypto, DAOing is my response to a rapidly changing environment. A changing environment which leads to the displacement of more and more people every day. Some say homeless or houseless; some governments even have certain priviliges and rights for Refugees.

For me housing insecurity means things like having to move every 6–12 hours. Only being able to store 3 days of fresh food at a time. Staying invisible. For me being houseless means I have to lie about my address. Being houseless means I better know my place, where to park, whose 2nd homes and time-shares not to park near, and it means not driving to #ethDenver in February because I can’t, absolutely can’t risk an automobile accident on ice.

Occasionally I forget what a hot meal is like or the sound of eggs bubbling around the edges of a cast iron skillet. I have one bowl and a stainless steal thermal bowl with a lockable lid. No drawer for knives and cutlery. I always know how many gallons of water I have.

I have an Ancestor, as a squaw, she lived in a house as property. This has to be the worse to live in a house and not have a home. My grandmother finally on her 8th husband lives in a house with a man that doesn’t beat her. As I child, my first experience of housing insecurity was, packing my bags one night with my mother as she took me across country for three days. Away from my dad, who was unable to cope with being forced to murder people in the name of Amerikkkan Interests.

Homelessness is watching your son grow up through plexi-glass, sleeping in Teepees and cooking meals for my relatives getting tear gassed. Homelessness is growing up on a reservation not knowing if your sister or aunties will disappear one day. Or sleeping in a car because the FEMA houses and Government buildings are infested with black mold.

Homelessness is not knowing where you will get WiFi to get some DAO work done. Not being able to commit to a role, because you don’t know if you will be able to commit to working next month. Homelessness working on my phone to conserve power. Homelessness is knowing my keys are not safe.

Which is why I love DAOs. They have this silly ape game I can play when I do have access to the internet. Crypto has actually allowed me to trade my labor for something of value that I can own. Discussions in real estate DAOs are bubbling about affordable housing opportunities and tokenized cooperatives. The removal of intermediaries is the only thing that makes me think the odds of staying in poverty will decrease over time. And btw, I take Bitcoin! https://tippin.me/@lotusdog



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