Illinois Valley — Southern #Oregon — #IV — Community Broadcast — 3/20/20

Ernest Of Gaia
2 min readMar 20, 2020


Just some tips and things for folks in the Once Takelma People’s region of Southern Oregon to learn about if they are looking for ways to replace lost income. Doing another test of my software and hardware. I am using very minimal equipment and do not have the best internet connection, so my apologies. #Selma #CaveJunction #GrantsPass #Medford #RogueRiver #IV #Oregon

And don’t forget to join the Illinois Valley Transition Telegram Group active 24 hours day and night. Share anytime what’s going on in your neck of the mountains and let’s address the Valley’s needs together.

Now for Today’s Episode:

Earn value for your internet behavior

Video Links
Cave Junction & the Illinois Valley, Oregon

We’re Hiring Josephine County

All about the Valley in Southern Oregon

County Declares State of Emergency

Oregon Laws dot Org

Oregon Legislature

Federal LNG Bailout

Rouge Climate — State wont have pipeline

Josephine County Food Bank

Cascadian Bioregionalism


Oregon Business News


Portland Incubator Experiment

Oregon Kid

Feel free to ask questions, share your experiences, and prepare for the future transition and let me know if you need any assistance hosting online meetings with friends, family, or businesses.



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