Ernest Of Gaia
2 min readJun 19, 2021

Hey howdy Folks, Ernest Of Gaia here after a very long Sabbatical from Fail Book and most well known social media, and there are updates in my life to share!! But why am I back on a Social Media Platform that makes Billions of dollars from my Data?

Well, basically, I am back on Facebook ready to help folks adopt blockchain technology so that at minimum they can earn an income from what they do on Fail Book on a different platform. And at best they can learn how to bring their real world talents into the New Decentralized Digital World and earn an income that is no longer provided to them by their corporate work place or non-profit.

There are also perhaps some folks interested in my Transgender Journey as well, but more on that later… (but feel free to reach out and connect, in that way, if you have a similar life experience)

I am also here to share news of my new Start Up Company, the West Coast Blockchain Research Company. Feel free to check out the Main Social Page and view the services I will begin offering Starting in July /August.

In the meantime I will be sharing with folks, through my various social media channels, my “Journal Journey” as I travel along the West Coast of Turtle Island, meeting with folks individually, meeting community groups, and talking with Blockchain Tech Companies.

So, if you would like to earn an income from your browser, your search engine, your debit card, your video streaming platform, podcasting, blogging… if you would like to add a digital layer to your real life hobbies and skills and earn an income lost ….. if you are a small business or non-profit wanting to reduce fees, earn an income from your social media marketing, build a treasury, transact internationally with folks in Ecuador who have adopted Bitcoin as Legal Tender….

Than stay tuned, get subscribed, and Decentralize with #ernestGoesToBlockchain

Ernest Of Gaia

Nomad Blockchain Research, LLC- I travel the West Coast of Turtle Island beta testing decentralized technology.