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2 min readJul 19, 2019


It’s that time of year again folks that #ErnestGoesToPineRidge Reservation to help support the Oglala Lakota Cultural Economic Revitalization Initiative and prepare of the Indigenous Wisdom & Permaculture Convergence. #iwpsc2019 With your help each year I spend 10 months organizing and supporting remotely and one month onsite for a total cost of $1,500. There are a couple ways you can help me continue to do the service work that I do.

First I have a Satoshi Giveaway where I am taking donations to my account. If a small amount is raised then it will all be given away to those that show up with the DropBit Mobile App downloaded, connected to either their phone or twitter account. If a significant amount of Satoshis Half of the BTC will be given away and half of the donations will be rolled over and saved until next years convergence. This is part of an educational effort to teach folks about how to incorporate blockchain strategies into their Permaculture Designs.

Second you can also send me PayPal donations directly to help defer the costs mainly associated with travel. My expenses are roughly $450 for my ticket to the convergence, $900 for gas, so that I can pick up and bring 2 other Turtle Kitchen Volunteers and get home. Finally $150 for a 6 days of food for me and two other people that will be traveling with and helping in the kitchen.

I have compiled this YouTube Playlist that tells quite a bit of the story behind what I do and I can keep donors up to date with any of the social media produced from the event.

Thanks ahead of time for your support,
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Reach out and learn how to contribute year round.

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