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DAOPunk update 1


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What Follows is the Permaculture Design for the long term project of creating a Public Good Resource Guide to help organizations in web 3 understand human behaviour in regards to rewards, compensation & incentives.

Stage 1: The Seed — Rewards, Compensation, & Incentives Research Skeleton

Fruit Tree Seeds are a self-contained group of elements arranged with a purpose and blueprint to emerge from their container in order to produce fruit for its environment. They have a shell or purpose and all the elements are highly aligned.

Seeds change as they emerge into their environment in pursuit of their purpose. Seeds are very different from their fruit in all aspects. However all fruit is integrated with its seeds. Seeds germinate and thrive usually within a wide or narrow band of environmental factors depending on the organism’s blueprint.

The Sprout, if nourished, will grow into the environment and will have the opportunity to grow into a limited amount of relationships but a diverse set of them, depending on the organisms ability to adapt to change.

After a series of cycles the sprout grows into a sapling with seemingly mature characteristics, identifiable patterns or culture, and if it continues to be nourished, it begins to become more receptive to its environment.

This is the stage Funded by the DAOPunks Cohort 2 Grant.

Reach out to Ernest of Gaia or Gaia Dadabit if you are interested in being involved in Stage 2 of this research project. We need healthy soil, clean and constant water, we have shelter, love co-creating space

Draft Gitbook: Preface to Rewards & Compensation Research

Stage 2: The Sapling

Saplings are young trees and highly sensitive to seasonal cycles. Here the Seed Grows into an Environment and develops a symbiotic or competitive relationship with others. In the Public Goods Sector we are looking for symbiotic or collaborative relationships.

Not only are there environmental factors that influence decision making but flows of resources to meet needs and wants of those that would benefit from the future fruit produced by this Organism.

Layers to the organization begin to form at this time in order to better integrate and collaborate with others. Habits of behavior form that are in value alignment with the purpose of the Sapling. The purpose of a fruit tree is always to one day produce fruit.

Invitation [insert here] to become part of the sapling and help us bear fruit

Sage 3: The Fruit Tree — Public Goods “Book/ Resource”

The public goods resource is fruit for those hungry to understand how to design rewards, compensation, & incentives in highly collaborative “web 3” environments.

Invitation to give water and food to the Tree. [insert here]

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